Semi-automatic pistol

Kratos 1911

The result of a joint venture between M-Arms (Slovenia) and Phoenix AG (Switzerland). Everything produced in house by M-Arms or by Phoenix.




Key features of KRATOS:

– 3 trigger pulls by changing angles on the hammer and sear on the CNC machine
– Special coating and heat treatment – Made and designed for contemporary technologies
– No tools needed for assembly and disassembly
– Custom safety and slide stop
– Heaviest bull barrel
– Completely cylindrical bull barrel
– Polygonal barrel
– Double heat treated barrels
– Phoenix type sights
– Square trigger guard
– Customizable checkering
– Rollover disconnector
– Integrated spherical bushing for 1911/2011 (first of this kind on the market)
– Optional Trigster trigger
– Blended magwell with 3D aluminum grips and no pin needed for magwell fixation/locking
– Tritop redesigned slide for durability
– Phoenix type serations
– Redesigned slide for maximum durability by adding spacing with radius to discipate tensions


Available in different combinations/variations.