A revolutionary 1911 handgun, which boasts of many technological innovations and advancements. Below we present the key features that distinguish Kratos from other 1911 pistols on the market.

  1. All is milled or done with unconventional technologies.
  2. Slide and frame are milled from solid blocks of tool steel.
  3. Tooless dissasembly/re-assembly.


The magwell has no pin retention.Beside being milled from solid blocks from an extremely durable material (tool steel) it is also heat treated three (3) times and DLC coated with the hardness of 93 Rockwells. So it is practically unbreakable.

External extractor which is pin retained with a torsion spring (which ensures a long lasting durability since it doesn’t lose pressure). The pin that retains the extractor is made from material that is used in the injection molding tooling industry – therefore it is very resistant and durable. What is more there are less problems with the geometry and it is easily removable for cleaning purposes. Such a combination of the slide and extractor allows a much better case extraction at lower spring forces as well as different cases, which are more out of tolerance (advantage for reloaded ammo).

The safeties have more interlocking surfaces since they are interlocked from the left and at the right part.

Rollover disconnector which allows the slide to easily glide over it for which it allows a faster cycling of the gun, since there is less friction (rolling friction, which helps with smoothness). The latter ensures a higher level of security and smoother operation/repetition (cycling).

The safeties and slide stop (in the rear position) are milled from solid blocks and additionally heat treated, for which they are extremely durable.

The barrel is a fully cylindrical rifled bul barrel which is heat treated into the core. It has straight locking lugs which enables faster unlocking and thus faster cycling. What is more we added the spherical bushing, which enables an upscaled precision and accuracy while shooting. Additionally it enables smoother operation and durability.

The barrel also has more material at the point where there is the barrel link for which there is less possibility of breaking that part. And also, the barrel has a double ramp which ensures a more reliable functioning with loaded ammo (also with flat point ammo/bullets).


Grip safety can be activated/deactivated with a screw by the shooter with one integrated screw – easily and fastly.

Multiple spring system in the mainspring housing enable a better acceleration of the hammer also with lower forces during activation and reduce the frictional forces inside the mainspring housing. The springs are torsion springs. The system is integrated from the outside of the frame, therefore the springs can be changed by the shooters themselves without disassembling the whole gun.

Trigger bow is made from a solid block (not bent sheet metal, which noticeably contributes to reliable operation and stiffness) and is structurally designed to allow minimal friction and a perfect match with other parts of the trigger mechanism (sear, disconnector). All the friction that occurs due to offsets-triggering is the rolling friction and thus almost zero.

The hammer and internal crucial parts of the trigger are done within the tolerances between 3 to max. 5 micrones (i.e. 0.003 – 0.005 mm) of tolerances.

The housing allows less friction in the part of the trigger mechanism and adjustment of the trigger (Pretravel – Overtravel) without disassembling the whole pistol. The shooter just removes the slide and sets the trigger with a screwdriver.

Videos about Kratos: