Magwells for 1911

Suitable for all 1911 Government pistol models


A large magwell inlet fully matches and fuses with gun’s handle hole for a quick and accurate changing of the magazine.

Grips’ contour and magwell fully fuse, which allows a better grip and control of the gun while shooting due to a larger contact surface.

Serially produced magwells have two-position fixation with a pin and M8 screw. Nevertheless, a custom version with three-position fixation with additionally adapted tiles is possible upon order.

Fits in the IPSC Standard box and complies with the rule less than 35 mm!

Magwells for 1911 are available in ALUMINIUM: black, blue, red, silver, orange, bronze, purple, green, gold, petrol green


Available in BRASS

Available in PRIME LINE:24 cr. Gold, Brass Chromed, Aluminum Chromed