Pistol grips

MONARCH 1 (Short) for CZ



Suitable for pistols with magwell CZ Shadow 2, CZ Shadow 1, CZ Tactical Sport, CZ Tactical Sport 2 (TS2), CZ Tactical Sport Orange, CZ TS Czechmate, CZ 75, CZ SP01 

Specially designed for a perfect grip in the palm also in case of wet/sweaty hands. Numerous grooves cover the entire grip (front and rear part), enabling a completely controlled grip also at the back of the palm.





Pistol grips Monarch 1 Short are available in ALUMINIUM: black, blue, red, silver, orange, bronze, purple, green, gold, petrol green




Available in BRASS


Available in PRIME LINE: 24 cr. Gold, Brass Chromed, Aluminum Chromed