Pistol grips


3D President (Long) for CZ


Suitable for CZ Shadow 1, CZ Shadow 2, CZ SP01 and CZ 75B


With a fully 5 axis simultaneous milling M-Arms mastered a technique able to design and produce a 3D grip with a perpendicular checkering through the whole contour and unchangeable checkering on the whole surface, which ensures that all contours match the original rubber grip.


Confirmed as IPSC Production legal!

Original rubber grips weight: 2.18 oz.

M-Arms 3D President grips weight: 2.64 oz.

Pistol grips 3D President Long for CZ are available in ALUMINIUM: black, blue, red, silver, orange, purple, green, petrol green, gold

Available in BRASS 


Available in PRIME LINE: 24 cr. Gold, Brass Chromed, Aluminum Chromed