Pistol grips


3D President (Long) for CZ


Suitable for CZ Shadow 1, CZ Shadow 2, CZ SP01 and CZ 75B


With a fully 5 axis simultaneous milling M-Arms mastered a technique able to design and produce a 3D grip with a perpendicular checkering through the whole contour and unchangeable checkering on the whole surface, which ensures that all contours match the original rubber grip.

Original rubber grips weight: 2.18 oz.

M-Arms 3D President grips weight: 2.64 oz.

Pistol grips 3D President Long for CZ are available in ALUMINIUM: black, blue, red, silver, orange, purple, green, petrol green, gold

Available in BRASS 


Available in PRIME LINE: 24 cr. Gold, Brass Chromed, Aluminum Chromed