Magazine base pads

STD RETRO (+1 round)

Suitable for CZ Shadow 1, CZ Shadow 2, CZ 75 (old 17 rnds magazine), Tanfoglio (small & large frame), Phoenix Redback, Beretta 92X Performance, Grand Power, Sphinx 3000 (small frame), Bul Storm, Jericho, Sig Sauer (OEM & Mec-Gar magazine), Rex, Zastava 999 (slight grip modification required)


Spring floor plate included.

Cuts on both sides for an easier extraction of the magazine in case of a pistol jam. Checkering on the underside prevents slipping and allows an easier insertion of the magazine. Fast mounting and disassembling due to a spring floor plate (comprised).

Fits in the IPSC Standard box!

Magazine base pads STD RETRO are available in ALUMINIUM: black, blue, red, silver, orange, bronze, purple, green, gold, petrol green



Available in BRASS


Available in PRIME LINE: Brass Chromed, Aluminum Chromed