Base pads

STD MAGWELL (+1 round)

Suitable for CZ Shadow 1, CZ Shadow 2, Tanfoglio (small & large frame), Grand Power, Sphinx 3000 (small frame), Bul Storm, Jericho, Zastava 999 (slight grip modification required), Sig Sauer (OEM & Mec-Gar magazine), Rex




          Spring floor plate included.



STD RETRO’s design combines retro and modern look. Each cut and detail has a specific function in order to increase usability and efficiency. Checkering on the underside prevents slipping and allows an easier insertion of the magazine. Cuts on both sides for an easier extraction of the magazine in the case of pistol jam. Rear locking for increased security.

Fits in the IPSC Standard box!

Base pads STD RETRO are available in ALUMINIUM: black, blue, red, silver, orange, bronze, purple, green, gold

Available in BRASS