Model Responder for GLOCK  

Suitable for Glock 19, Glock Compact 23, Glock 32 (Gen 2, Gen 3, Gen 4, Gen 5)

Available in cal.: 9 x 19 mm, .40 S&M

The slide is milled out of a solid high quality European steel and has an extremely durable coating (available in gold, black, silver, bronze).

Top slide grooves are ment for quicker target acquisition and it has an aggressive front, as well as rear checkering to ensure reliable handling also with wet hands and/or gloves. The angles are slightly cut for weight reduction and easier handling. But, at the same time it is not cut on the extractor’s side in order to enable the shooter to check if the bullet is in the barrel.

Designed in the manner so it will not get stuck in and between the holster and/or clothes while extracting the gun.

We also offer a conversion kit with a barrel, as well as a whole pistol built with matching serial numbers.